About Us

Youth Discovery and Development Initiative (Yddi)

is a non-profit making organization dedicated to discovering and empowering the youths through various youth empowerment projects such as vocational training, formal education mentoring, coaching, counseling as well as other human capital development initiatives, it was registered on September 5th 2019. The organization has the expertise, proven competence in relating with the youth and working towards their holistic empowerment with ample participation from all the stakeholders.

As young people experience adolescence, some confront particularly difficult struggles. Just very few make at least minimally successful transitions to adulthood. We are losing up to one-third of our youth as productive citizens due to drug and alcohol abuse, cultism, prostitution, teen-age pregnancy, crime, violence, weed smoking, dropping out of school etc.

Research has consistently indicated that individuals with low self esteem, lack of self worth/confidence are more depressed, have more social problems, are less able to make independent decisions and possess those characteristics that inhibit creativity, performance and effective interpersonal relationships.

Yddi core objective is to restore the self-worth through mindset change, identify, tap and optimally harness youth limitless potentials. We aim to improve on their beliefs in their personal worth. The end goal of this project is to help equip them with a strong understanding of who they are, increase their level of self-esteem/ worth and provide them with a large tool box of new skills to aid them as they continue on their path to adulthood for their own quality life and meaningful contribution to the society.

We want to drastically reduce un/under employment, vulnerability and dependency among youth. The project will also advocate and mainstream skill training with governments and private sectors in areas as agriculture, Information Technology, entrepreneurship etc

Ours is holistic poor rural areas interventions. Every quarter, we will reach out to about 3,500 youths through our self discovery and self – worth restoration campaign. Through our competitive selection process, about 20 very poor youth will be selected and placed in schools and various organizations to receive formal education or intensive training in various areas of their choices to learn how to transform their business or talents into reality. The benefactors are required to train and mentor at least two other youth from their community on how to launch their own businesses. This will ensure that the trained entrepreneurs pass on their knowledge and expertise by developing new ideas into jobs thus creating a multiplier effect.


We seek to improve young peoples’ beliefs in their personal self worth and capabilities through mindset change, education, skill acquisition and mentoring.


Be a world class organization dedicated to helping young people discover, harness and maximize their limitless potentials.